At Sunflower Designs, we believe that landscapes are to be lived in. With that in mind, we strive to create more than just a pretty scene.

We work to create spaces and settings that are not only beautiful, but also reflect who we are and how we live. A front yard can provide curb appeal, but should also welcome guests and hint at the personality of those who live beyond the front door. A backyard is a place to be shared with friends and family, and serve as a retreat from the outside world.

Our landscapes are the ideal place to experience and enjoy nature, which is why we utilize ecologically responsible design principles. Through the use of the "right plant, right place" concept, appropriate hardscape materials, and sound horticultural practices, we can create landscapes that are functional, easier to maintain, attractive to beneficial insects, birds and butterflies, and not dependent on large amounts of water, fertilizers and pesticides.

We work closely with landscape contractors, masons, nurseries, and most importantly, with you. Only by working hand in hand with homeowners can we create a truly custom design. After all, nobody knows how you live better than you. Your budget, your style and your ultimate goals must be the foundation of the design and our experience and vision will guide us to a solution that will hopefully exceed your expectations. It is through such collaboration that we can create functional, ecologically responsible, and beautiful landscapes that are truly lived in.