Designs begin with a Client Meeting in which we discuss your concerns, needs & desires for your landscape. For example, do you want more privacy? An outdoor kitchen? A water feature? A play area? An edible garden?

Next comes a Site Analysis in which we assess the strengths & weaknesses of the site. Perhaps there are good views that we want to take advantage of, or an eyesore that needs screening. Is one part of the yard especially windy, or wet, or hot and dry? Are their drainage issues to address? Will the site need grading before landscaping?

From there we will Create a Plan. Depending on the complexity of the job, this step may include a concept plan, a preliminary plan and a final planting or "Master Plan". The end result of all projects is a Master Plan which will include all aspects of your design, including hardscape and planting specifications. You will receive a computer generated, scaled print of your plan along with photos and descriptions of the plant material and photos or samples of the hardscape (masonry etc.) materials specified.


The design process is the first step in the transformation of your property. Next comes the construction or installation phase. This is when the plan goes from paper to reality and Sunflower Designs will be there to make sure it is done accurately and professionally. We can provide bids for all aspects of the design and oversee the project, from plant selection and placement, to installation of masonry, irrigation systems, lighting and more.


Consultations are perfect for the homeowner with an established landscape who wants some ideas to spruce up an area, is looking for some plant suggestions for a particular site, or just wants some tips on maintaining their garden. This service does not include any drawn up designs, but can be the first step in the design process. Consultations are provided on an hourly basis.


Garden maintenance services such as pruning, deadheading and weeding are available to design clients and are especially recommended for the first year after installation of a garden. Container plantings for summer and holiday color are also available.